BuildingLayer’s map maker interface enables anyone to create a map for an indoor space. Use our simple web-based editing tool to locate a target building, upload custom floorplan graphics, add points of interest, and define pedestrian navigation routes. Maps created using BuildingLayer can easily be shared with the community, so that people no longer have an excuse for getting lost in your building!
While BuildingLayer provides easy-to-use tools to map your buildings, we understand that not everybody is a cartographer. However, that doesn’t mean you should go without detailed maps of your indoor spaces. This is where the BuildingLayer Simple Upload Service comes in. Just send us a copy of your floorplans, we’ll build the maps for you, and make them available on the platforms of your choice: BuildingLayer, Google Maps, and OpenStreetMap. Click here to learn more.

You can also create private maps for advanced uses, such as asset tracking, arranging furniture, or for use in custom web or mobile applications through our API.

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